Due to the catastrophic earthquake of 2072 Baishakh 12, most of the Himalayan and hilly areas of Nepal were affected. At that time, more than 8857 people of Nepal were killed and the damage was estimated at 10 trillion. After that time, most parts of Nepal are made of materials such as iron TMT rod ,  Mesh pipe , C-Channel , square rod , Blade, Round PIPE , Plain rod , Black Pipe, GI Pipe, Plane seat, sewer seat, Rack Angle ,J. I. Wire , Todkari ,Checkered pelt, SS Pipe, IBM , Black wire, Shutter spring, Shutter Plate, Metal roof sheet, Railing, Gate channel etc. structures were used and started to be built. According to the current law of Nepal, apart from a special place in the capital of Nepal, structures with more than 7 floors were also started to be built. They began to take advantage of this iron sector. At present, iron or steel materials are inevitably used in urban settlements in Nepal. Most of the houses make a compound made of various iron materials, whether it is the roof of the house, the parking of the house or the wire fence used to protect small plants, all of them contain iron, this iron material has a large share in the Nepalese market.

Repair and connection of road parts such as sky bridge, vehicle, truck trailer, etc., use of TMT rod in house construction, JI wire is being used to block every item, hydro power, Cable car, tourism infrastructure,  jeepline. A large amount of iron is used in lines, sky towers, sky bridges, suspension bridges, etc. Now in Nepal, the business of iron industries is about 2.5 trillion. If we can also add the part of non-direct small business that is not included in the tax, then there is an annual business of 3 trillion.

Only a few large industries of iron in Nepal occupy more than 70% share. In order to establish itself in those industries, Prabhu Groups and Company has invested in this Prabhu Steels and Hydro Equipment Industries Limited. The authorized capital of the company is 205 crores. Issued capital is 200 crores. 51% share of issued capital will be of the founders. 10% share of issued capital will be owned by Prabhu Groups employees. 10% share of issued capital will be owned by local People of industries area. The remaining 29% share will be issued in IPO of general public . Currently, the company’s equity capital is 102 crores. In which Prabhu Holdings and Hydro Development Company Limited has more than 44%. Similarly, Hydro Holdings and Power Development Company Limited is above 14% and Prabhu Urja Krishi Paryatan Bikas Limited owns more than 33%. At least 51% stake in this company will remain with Prabhu Groups and Companies. This company is constantly working to guarantee corporate governance to its shareholders and to give high returns to its investors.

 The company’s business goals

This company had produced more than 89 million in the financial year 2078-79. Since the company is working according to the target, it will trade more than 145% of that business in this financial year. As the company is currently producing using only small mills, the business may not exceed 200 million in this financial year 2079/80. The company aims to grow its business share at an annual rate of 400% in the coming year. The goal of the company is to reach 1 billion annually in the financial year 2080-81.

 In the coming years The company will build its own more than 25 fully owned warehouses and store iron materials and do wholesale and retail sales, and it will also cooperate with other companies. 3 large warehouses will be kept in each big city. Fiscal Year 2081-82, the company will do at least 5 to 7 billion rupees transactions according to the target.

 This company is in discussions with various projects to trade iron materials required for at least 500mw hydro power projects. The company aims to trade its materials and invest shares in Cable car and hydropower projects in the near future. There is still a possibility of large business of iron industries in Nepal for at least 50-60 years. Since there will be very little damage to the products produced in this area, Nepal’s iron and steel will be long term business.

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