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Prabhu Steels and hydro equipment industries limited was established as a public company in accordance with Company Act 2063.Without the steel sector, there would be no infrastructure development. In this world, steel and iron-related goods are used to build Skyscrapers, Hydropower, Airports, Bridges, Metro systems, and other structures.

This company was established in the financial year 2074/75. The head office and the industry is located in Birgunj Municipality ward no 32. The company has been selling and distributing its commercial products in the market since December 30, 2021. 

The authorized capital of the company is 205 crores. Issued capital is 200 crores. 51% share of issued capital will be of the founders. 10% share of issued capital will be owned by Prabhu Groups employees. 10% share of issued capital will be owned by local People of industries area. The remaining 29% share will be issued in IPO of general public . Currently, the company’s equity capital is 102 crores. In which Prabhu Holdings and Hydro Development Company Limited has more than 44%. Similarly, Hydro Holdings and Power Development Company Limited is above 14% and Prabhu Urja Krishi Paryatan Bikas Limited. owns more than 33%. At least 51% stake in this company will remain with Prabhu Groups and Companies. This company is constantly working to guarantee corporate governance to its shareholders and to give high returns to its investors.

By implementing best practices and prioritizing transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior, our company can build trust with shareholders, stakeholders, and the broader community. Our goal is to become the top Steels and Hydro Equipment Industries of the country

The directors of this company are only Prabhu Groups representatives. Prabhu Urja Krishi Paryatan Bikas Limited, Hydro Holdings and Power Development Company Limited, Prabhu Holdings and Hydro Development Company Limited an institutional investor of the Prabhu Groups, owns more than 92% of this company.


To be a global leader in the production of high-quality steel products and provide innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers in various industries.
To continuously improve the efficiency and sustainability of steel production processes and be a responsible corporate citizen by minimizing the company's environmental impact and promoting social welfare.
To create a safe and fulfilling work environment for employees and contribute to the economic development of the communities where the company operates.

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